The Boxwood Bicycle Polo Company

The only source on the web owned by a three-time winner of the World Championship

(2002, 2004, and 2006)

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The Boxwood Bicycle Polo Company has everything for the bike polo player, some of which is available only from us. In particular, we have our unique bike polo handlebar, which will give you a great advantage over players with standard mountain bike bars. 

Bicycle Polo Balls         Bicycle Polo Handlebars        Bike Polo Brake Parts        Cycle Polo Chainrings          

Bike Polo Goalposts        Bicycle Polo Mallets        Seats     Bike Polo Shirts    

Bicycle Polo Starter Kit   Bicycle Polo Timers    Bike Polo Videos    Bicycle Polo Wheels

Boxwood Bicycle Polo Company: 128 Laurel Rock Point, Leesville, SC  29070 

e-mail address: Tel/fax #: (803)317-6022


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