Bike Polo Mallets

George Wood Mallets: $75
Custom made in New Zealand for Boxwood Bicycle Polo, these mallets have some great features, including:
oversize head for fewer mishits with the inflated ball; durable rubber grip; replaceable sling (just remove two screws in the handle).

George Wood Mallet

Nano's mallet:  $65
Custom-made to our specifications by one of the top mallet-makers in the world, supplier to many of the best equestrian polo players. These mallets have the "Indian angle" of 75 degrees, making it easier to avoid hitting the heel of the mallet head on the ground. (Standard mallets have a head/cane angle of 79-81 degrees, which is ideal for equestrian polo, but not for bike polo, since one does not stand up and lean out over the ball as in the former.) We have lengths from 31-36", and can order longer or shorter mallets as needed. They can be customized with your choice of colors and stamped with your initials (for a reasonable fee).
Nano's mallet

  Gladiator Mallet: $25
A great starter mallet, made from quality materials yet reasonably priced.
Gladiator mallet

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